Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shen Yang- Indianapolis, IN

We really needed a good restaurant experience on Sunday and did we ever get it at Shen Yang. We've heard about their dim sum for years but, for some reason, this was the first time that we got there to try it. It lived up to all of the good things that we've read about it. We went at a bit of an off time (around 2PM on Sunday) and we hope that is the reason that it wasn't jam-packed. We were quickly seated and given a pot of jasmine tea that just hit the spot. While savoring that, the first round of dim sum options came to our table (we've read on that it is just on the weekend that the dim sum options come around to the table so you can see them before ordering). Our first picks were the bean curd rolls and the BBQ pork that was wrapped in an amazingly flaky dough with sesame seeds on top of it. We were deliriously happy with both of those and the hits just kept coming. Next, we tried a vegetable filled dumpling and the shark fin dumpling. The vegetable ones were good but the exotic shark fin was a revelation. We haven't had shark before and we were so glad that we tried it. We also chose some sticky rice wrapped in huge (banana?) leaves. The rice itself was delicious but it also had some chunks of meat in the center. Just when we were thinking that we were too stuffed to eat anymore, the dessert options came by. There were perfect looking little tarts but, loving a good sesame seed ball, we chose to split the plate of 3. They were beyond good; crunchy on the outside, soft inside with what we believe was a sweetened red bean paste in the middle- heaven! Shen Yang exceeded our expectations which were already pretty high. The entire wait staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Do not be intimidated if you've never done dim sum before. We had a much better experience here than we did at a super fancy dim sum restaurant in San Francisco and for a fraction of the price (our bill was $24 for all of this food at Shen Yang).
3902 Georgetown Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46254

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krishna gison said...

I am also feeling so much hunger after reading your views on the food of shang yang.


Anonymous said...

We love this place, the food is wonderful

Phil Lavoie said...

Jason and I went today. WOW. What a fantastic experience. We will return.

Thanks for continuing to find fun places around town.

WYA! said...

Suh-weet Phil!!! So glad that you liked it and so happy to encourage patronage for Shen Yang.

WYA! said...

Ugh! The Indy Ethnic Food site shows this as closed now.

Phil Lavoie said...

Say it ain't so!!! We were just talking to some friends last night and planning a trip there soon! Too bad!

Phil Lavoie said...

We drove by recently and the sign said closed for renovations. hmm... do you think it will come back? It didn't look like they were working on any renovations.