Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pick hits from Trader Joe's

Our trip this past weekend to Trader Joe's yielded a couple of interesting finds. The Soy Chorizo that we had seen in the recent Fearless Flyer caught our attention so we picked that up along with an impulse item at the checkout- "Nothing But... Banana, Flattened" which was advertised as a banana jerky. We looked at the package while we waited to pay, fully expecting to see that some kind of oil was added as is usually the case with dried bananas but, sure enough, the only ingredient was bananas. They were so tasty and flavorful in this flattened form and how handy for an office drawer or in the car.

We just had the chorizo last night and it definitely had some kick. Although it comes in casings in the package, you remove those before you warm it up so it is in crumble form. There is a noticeable amount of red pepper in the chorizo and it had a nice texture for a soy product. The textures seem to be improving all the time for these vegan products. Good ole TJ's, there's always something fun to discover (and the nicest people working there).

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