Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Teavana at the Fashion Mall

We are going to tread very carefully here. We were actually unaware that Teavana had opened a location at the Fashion Mall until we received an email from the company stating that they had opened new stores and Indiana was listed. We've visited Teavana in San Francisco and, earlier this year, in Cleveland. The San Francisco one was the biggest and more like a cafe with lots of tables and chairs. The Cleveland one and the Indy one have plenty of merchandise, and tea samples, but nowhere to sit and enjoy your tea. They do have a huge variety of teas that they can brew for you, hot or cold, and they can even blend multiple teas together for you. Indy has great locally owned tea houses like Tea's Me and the one we blogged about yesterday, Tea Cozy. We implore you to visit these locally owned tea houses but, if you're stuck on the north side and have a tea craving, you will probably find an enjoyable beverage at Teavana. It is on the Nordstrom side of the mall directly below the movie theatre.

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