Friday, October 24, 2008

Big thanks to Cityoga for hosting Bryan Kest last night- it was an amazing time. We hope that they will bring him back next year. Mrs. WYA! does yoga with him every week via his Power DVD so it was so cool to actually take a class with him live. He was really funny (and showed that you can bring salty language into a yoga class) and he was wise while being really down to earth and not preachy. He talked about the relationship we have with our bodies and how no research has ever shown that it is healthier to have a bicep bigger than your head or to touch your head to your legs in a forward fold. It was all about going to your own very personal degree of difficulty on the mat to carry over your ability to remain calm in difficult situations off of the mat (which is what it is all about anyway- not whether you can contort yourself). If he is coming to your area- go!

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