Friday, October 10, 2008

Let's Hear it for Your Neighborhood

We'd like to hear about great Indy neighborhoods from the people who live there. Our reason for this is two-fold. First, we'd like to start highlighting Indy neighborhoods on the blog. Secondly, we are starting to go a little cuckoo in suburbia and are plotting our next move that will probably take place in the next couple of years. We are looking for vibrant residents who have pride in their neighborhoods. We are happily child-free, and intend to stay that way, so school districts don't matter to us. We really like walkability since that is a big form of exercise for us. We were intrigued with Rocky Ripple last time we walked the towpath and intend to look into that neighborhood. So, Irvington, Little Flower, Fountain Square, wherever- we'd like to hear from you. Do you feel safe in your neighborhood? Are your neighbors eclectic? Is housing affordable? We really appreciate your input.


Kevin said...

I love where I live in Meridian-Kessler, but finding a deal there can be tough. We got pretty lucky, we're in the smallest house and smallest lot on our block, so we paid less. My street isn't necessarily eclectic, but it is very "homey". Safe, friendly, and lots of trees. If you want something to do, you're really pretty close to everything. It's very walkable, and the Monon is only a few blocks away.

Rocky Ripple is a great place. My only problem is that it is a bit far from the action, and to get to a place that has goods and services you probably need a car. The other option would be to bike down the canal towpath to 56th and Illinois, which actually is pretty close by.

Sarah said...

Well, I'm not sure if we have the same definition of suburbia, but IMO anything within 465 is non-suburbia.

Our pick was Ivy Hills, the entrance is at 79th and Allisonville (we had previously rented downtown). There's quite a selection price-wise, mature trees, and nice neighbors. When I walk my dog, I encounter a lot of friendly faces.

Plus, we love the location. Broad Ripple is 10 minutes away, downtown 15, and it's a snap to get on the interstate.

Rebecca said...

Count me in as another fan of Ivy Hills! I was born and raised there and moved back into the neighborhood after college. The location in town is great, and we have gorgeous trees and very friendly neighbors.

Kaj said...

I adore my neighborhood - Emerson Heights. We're basically the buffer zone between Irvington and Little Flower on the Eastside. Emerson Heights was one of the first planned "subdivisions", with houses dating from the 1910s.

I live in an adorable bungalow on a street with an esplanade, with mature trees. Home prices here are an absolute bargain. My neighbors are great, and my block alone is as diverse as any place you could find in Indy - kids of all colors and backgrounds playing ball together, working families and students and urban professionals and everything in between.

Walkability is great here - it's an easy three or four block stroll to Ellenberger Park or to the Pleasant Run trail, and just a little further to get to Irvington proper with a great selection of stores and restaurants.

As with any truly diverse neighborhood, especially one like Emerson Heights that is still in the process of urban renewal, there is crime. Most of it is confined to the far western edges of the neighborhood, but it happens. We have a fabulous community organization and a network of street crime watches that have really helped to improve the safety of the neighborhood in recent years. I've seen less crime in my immediate neighborhood in the past year than I did when I lived in Broad Ripple.

For more info:

Anne said...

Late post here, but based on what you have written before, something tells me that you will like the Cottage Home neighborhood on the Near Eastside. I didn't discover them until after I had bought my own house. The neighborhood is a really cool haven for artist types and holds several events throughout the year. The neighborhood, if I am not mistaken, is one of the "GINI" neighborhoods, as is the Emerson Heights neighborhood mentioned in one of the other comments. "GINI" stands for Great Indianapolis Neighborhood Initiative which strives to improve six urban areas of Indianapolis.

I live in the GINI area called the "Near Westside" (specifically Hawthorne) which unfortunately has a bit of a bad reputation. I have found the area (in which I have lived for six years) to be a very friendly, affordable and safe area . Yes, I said safe! Neighbors around here look out for each other and we have a fantastic public safety director. I believe when it comes to any urban area, if you look for trouble, you will find it. Once you get inside the major thouroughfares of Washington and Belmont streets, you will find a lot of really great bungalows.

The Near Westside area has some great restaurants ( Judges' BBQ, the venerable Workingman's Friend and a lot of great Mexican places..check out specifically Mama Ines bakery on the corner of Belmont and Washington next to CVS... YUM!) shops and a really cool, albiet creepy, medical museum. The area also is near the old Central State grounds which (depending on when this economy improves) is slated for some major development. Lastly, the skyline view coming from the West Side to Downtown is simply stunning!

Here are some links. Happy Hunting!

Cottage Home Info:

Cottage Home Photos:

GINI Info:

Near Westside Info:

WYA! said...

Thanks for all of the info Anne. We actually went on a Cottage Home Tour a couple of years ago and really did like that neighborhood. We will peruse the links (and check out that bakery!!)

nora said...

I'm late weighing in also. I love where I live - Meridian Kessler, right on the Monon, just south of 52nd Street.

That said, I love all of the neighborhoods mentioned. My sister lives in Irvington and loves it. I think if I were HAD to move from M-K, Cottage Home would be my first choice.

I can't wait to see where the journey takes you!