Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sakura- Indianapolis, IN

Sakura is one of those places that, as soon as we pass through the doors, we feel a little bit more blissful. We've always had great dining experiences there and the atmosphere and decor are just so soothing. This past weekend we enjoyed a lunch there. We had some green tea, and proceeded to order the lunch specials of Unadon and Katsudon. We've heard that they have great sushi but we always find ourselves getting other specialties when we are here. The lunch specials are a great bargain because they come with salad (which is unremarkable except for their tasty ginger dressing) miso soup (always a pleaser), and rice. Mrs. WYA! loves Unadon which is marinated eel. If you haven't tried eel, keep an open mind. It is mild and it has a thick teryaki-like marinade on it that is awesome and drips down to flavor the rice below it in the bowl. This was our first time trying the Katsudon which is a bowl of rice with pork cutlets, onion and egg on top of it. The lightly breaded cutlet was tender and tasty, and the scrambled egg topping was light and airy. The green onion garnish really complemented the dish.

Sakura has been serving Indy for over 20 years so their great food is not a secret. However, if you haven't been there or it has been awhile, head to Keystone Avenue for a lovely dining experience.

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Anonymous said...

This has been our favorite restaurant in all of Indianapolis for over 18 years. I even proposed to my wife at Sakura back in the early 90s! We've taken many Japanese visitors there over the years and all have commented that the sushi is as good as they have ever had in their country.

If you have never been to Sakura, go. You will not be disappointed.

Tom B.