Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thomas W. Binford

We've often wondered, as we drove down Binford, who Thomas Binford was. It seems that he was a major influence of so much of the what Indy has to offer. He co-founded Indy's Urban League and, from 1956-1969 was the President of the United States Auto Club which was the sanctioning body of the Indianapolis 500. Additionally, he was the chief steward of the race from 1974-1995. This information is courtesy of the New York Times obituary. It turns out he also played an important role in founding the Pacers. Now, we're a little more enlightened about the man when we drive down his road.


Anonymous said...

The tool company in Tim Allens sitcom was also named after Thomas Binford(Binford tools). Tim was and is a big fan of auto racing and the 500.

WYA! said...

Really?! Wow- that's cool.