Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Indiana Transportation Museum- Noblesville, IN

We really enjoyed our train ride to Atlanta, IN this past weekend courtesy of the Indiana Transportation Museum. If you missed the train to Atlanta, there are several other train riding opportunities coming up in October (when the fall foliage should make it an even more spectacular ride). On Oct. 4th the train can take you to Arcadia's Autumnfest and, each weekend in October, they offer Pumpkin Rides to a Hamilton County farm.

While waiting for our train, we ambled through several of the train cars at the station. Pictured above are the postage car and the sitting room portion of a sleeper car. We know that they probably don't have time to do it this year, but we think these old train cars are just ideal for doing up as a "haunted train station" for Halloween as a money maker for restoration. Just an idea for the folks at the Indiana Transportation Museum.

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