Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Key III Candies Outlet Store- Ft. Wayne, IN

We'll take "factory seconds" of these great candies for bargain prices any day when it just means that they lack uniformity in shape. Who cares what a maple creme peanut cluster looks like when it tastes this good. We stopped at the Key III outlet store in Fort Wayne yesterday and found a great "buy 1 get 1 free" sale on their 14 oz. bags of chocolate covered maple creme peanut cluster candies and their vanilla creme peanut clusters. The caramel peanut clusters weren't on sale but, at $2.50 a bag, they're still a whole lot of tasty for a little price. They are all good but we've always had a weakness for the maple ones; good any time but especially during this autumnal season.

4211 Earth Drive (at Engle Rd.)
Fort Wayne, IN 46809


Anne said...

Thank you for all the cool Fort Wayne stuff! Makes me homesick for my old hometown. I never knew this place existed....smart parents, I guess ;-)

Do you happen to know the hours of Key Candies?

WYA! said...

Mrs. WYA! is a FW native and still goes there about once a month to see family so it is no problem at all to highlight FW goodies. It's funny that you mention the hours for Key III. I was by myself for that trip and tried to get a photo of their sign with the hours but was in the car and nearly caused an accident doing so. It seems like it said 8-5PM, Mon-Fri but I put their phone number in the post so anyone can call and verify that. Thanks for reading Anne.

Chris said...

Does anyone know if they have a web site so you can order the maple cream clusters?? I'm from Ft. Wayne and now live in Texas. I love these!!!!!!!

WYA! said...

Chris, we just gave them a call and they said that they can take orders over the phone (their phone number is on our original post) and ship them but it has to be below 70 degrees where you are because she said otherwise they will melt. The maple ones are our favorite too!

Chris said...

Thanks!!!!! I just called them and ordered some. Can't wait to get them!