Friday, October 3, 2008

Oliver Winery's Hard Cider

It's October and that makes our thoughts turn to... hard cider. We fell hard for Oliver Winery's Beanblossom Hard Cider years ago and it has been an autumnal tradition ever since. That crisp apple flavor is just perfect throughout the fall. They say that it is good for their mulled wine recipe which we're sure it is but we just can't help from drinking it as is out of the bottle. Sometimes, however, it was challenging to find time to go south to the gorgeous Oliver Winery to get our bounty of cider. It used to be hard to find it in a store in Indy but, hallelujah, we stumbled upon it last week at Whole Foods (former Wild Oats in Nora)! So, while we would highly encourage everyone to check out Oliver Winery sometime (particularly when fall foliage hits its peak) and have a picnic on their sprawling grounds, it is darn good to know that there is Beanblossom Hard Cider close to home.

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