Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

The 1931 Dracula movie is playing today and tomorrow at Franklin's Artcraft Theatre and we are very excited to finally get to this theatre and to rightfully spend Halloween with Bela Lugosi. The Artcraft's 2008/2009 movie schedule is on their website now and it includes some great movies such as The Christmas Story, Sabrina, Some Like It Hot, and The King and I along with many other great flicks.


Chus said...

More Happy Halloween Pictures! :)

Rebecca said...

I am SO there for 'A Christmas Story'. I remember my mom taking me to see it when it was released the first time (too many years ago).

WYA! said...

We think "A Christmas Story" is a gotta see too. Mrs. WYA! went to the house in Cleveland where part of it was filmed so she really can't wait to see it this year and know that she stood right there. We'll have more on the Artcraft on Monday with exact dates for the upcoming movies so you can mark your calendar.