Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sakura- Fort Wayne, IN

We seem to be inadvertently following a theme of visiting an Indianapolis restaurant and, shortly thereafter, visiting one in Fort Wayne with the same name. First, it was Saigon in Indy and Fort Wayne and, now, it is Sakura. A couple of weekends ago, we enjoyed the Indy Sakura and, this past weekend, Mrs. WYA! enjoyed the Fort Wayne one with a couple of girlfriends. It was a very similar experience. The Fort Wayne Sakura, in the Times Square Shopping Center, looks modest from the outside but is beautifully decorated inside. The lunch specials come with soup (miso or clear broth) and a salad that had that same wonderful ginger dressing that the Indy Sakura had. For comparison's sake (and because she loves it), Mrs. WYA! decided to see how their Unagi Don was and it was every bit as good as the one here in Indy. The portion might have been a bit smaller, but it was every bit as tasty. Shown here are the other crowd pleasers from our visit; sushi and the Chicken Teriyaki Lunch Bento Box. We don't know how many other choices Summit City residents have for Japanese food but we hope that everyone knows about and supports this great place.

5828 West Jefferson Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Tel: 260-459-2022

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