Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holliday Park- Indianapolis

In Autumn, Holliday Park particularly calls to us. It's such a gorgeous place anyway but the fall foliage really makes it special. If this park is nowhere near your home, you need to make a special trip to visit it anyway. We love the trails that wind down towards the White River. We even think it is cool on the part where you walk under the road. After a hearty hike we always have to take time to gawk at the Ruins. They are originally from a New York building that was torn down and they look so grand in this park setting. Holliday Park is one of those places in the city that always makes us happy.

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Kevin said...

Holliday Park is great. There's a trail not just off of that lake that is really cool. It has lots of cool tiny old stone bridges. The path crosses the same stream many times, then you enter back on the main trail near that large roadway bridge.