Monday, September 29, 2008

Scenes from... New Earth Festival- Atlanta, IN

OK, that was not at all what we expected. That's the problem with having really big imaginations and having heard about an event for years. In our minds, a New Earth Festival would have eco-friendly things, natural products, maybe even some yoga related booths, pieces made by local artists- stuff like that. We envisioned an enclave of artistic, new age-y types in Atlanta. However, it was much more like a flea market. It is big and hugely popular so, evidently, it is something that a lot of people enjoy- it just wasn't our cup of tea. We did think the Atlanta Mercantile store on Main St. was lovely (that is the inside of their store pictured). The photos pretty much tell the story of the types of merchandise there; sheets, undergarments (?!), "designer" purses and there was every fair food that you might crave there too. We just wanted to give everyone a sense of the festival in case you are thinking about checking it out in a future year. While it wasn't for us, it might be exactly what you are looking for.

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