Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Apple Works- Trafalgar, IN

We learned about Apple Works when we bought some of their goodies at the Irvington Farmers' Market. Having an afternoon free, we decided to drive south to Trafalgar to see their orchard and shop at their store. They have a very nice store and we were able to find a lot of homemade things that we plan to give as Christmas presents. They have bottles of everything from their own hot sauces to fruit preserves. We were hoping to buy a single, warm, perfect apple dumpling to enjoy in their lovely surroundings but, they just have 4-packs with the sauce in a bottle that comes with them so we had to bring it home and microwave it to enjoy it- which we did. We walked their grounds and a little bridge took us over to an unexpected petting zoo. At first, we thought that the goats were just really eager for some affection but, we then realized that they wanted us to buy some food out of the machines that were there to feed them. This upcoming weekend is their annual "Highlander Festival" so it might be the perfect time to visit this charming orchard and country store.


Mike said...

I stumbled across Appleworks while scouting out a bicycling route to Louisville and liked the place enough that I drove down the next weekend with my girlfriend.

Their strawberry bread is tasty.

WYA! said...

Mmmm, strawberry bread sounds intriguing (and like good sustenance for a bike ride to Louisville!).

pntbutterandjelly said...

We just found (4) apple/pear bags made from duck and leather. They are marked, "No. 9 Jim Dandy
W------ Bag". Sheffer and Rossum Co. St Paul, Mn.
Does anyone know anything about theses bags? Thanks! Paul