Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tarts from Rene's Bakery- Indianapolis

A beautiful tart just makes our hearts swell and aren't these tarts from Rene's lovely? They are almost too pretty to touch- but we did. The berry ones were fabulous but the lemon one especially made us swoon. We've had the unbelievably huge, flaky, heavenly croissants from Rene's before but this was our first time trying the tarts. We highly recommend them. What a perfect size for when you just need a little nibble of something sweet.

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Harl Delos said...

I visited a french delicatessen in Broad Ripple called Rene's back in the early 1970s. Mismatched china, and mismatched silverware, but it was fun, and the food was really good.

The website for Rene's Bakery says they opened in 2004. Is there ANY connection to that old delicatessen?

WYA! said...

Hmm, not that we know of- any insight blog readers?

Anonymous said...

No connection at all.