Monday, September 22, 2008

Hyde Brothers- Fort Wayne, IN

Hyde Brothers used book store is so cool that we selfishly wish that it was in Indianapolis instead of Ft. Wayne. We love a good used book store and Hyde Brothers does a great job of organizing their books, which greatly adds to the enjoyment of browsing. The books are stacked high to the ceiling on the main floor and there is a jam packed lower level too. It's one of those great places where you just keep winding around and finding more nooks and crannies full of books. We were specifically looking for Dark Shadows books on our most recent trip and found that, not only did they have some, they had their own section. We love the funky little strip of Wells Street that it is on too. Book lovers who don't live in Fort Wayne would find it worth the trip to go there.


Kevin said...

I can't believe it, but I've never been there. I'll try to make a point to visit on my next trip to the Fort.

Treefork said...

Fort Wayne is certainly lucky to have a store like this. I can go in for a book and spend hours perusing the shelves!

Julie said...

Hyde Bros. is the coolest! I was in there there last week when a young lady asked the owner if there was any possibility of getting a job, and Sam replied that no one ever leaves once they get hired, so the openings are few and far between. I'm lucky that my guy does work there and I get to share lunch and hang out with him on Sunday afternoons.