Thursday, September 11, 2008

So many options this weekend:

What a great excuse to go visit Zydeco's- the 2nd annual Rhythm & Blues Fest is this Saturday from 10AM-6PM in downtown Mooresville on Main St. There will be classic cars, music, food, and shopping.

The last time we went to the Great American Meatout, which has probably been a couple of years ago, we were packed into a church that was way too small for the crowd. We are glad to see that they are at the spacious City Market this Saturday from 5PM-7Pm.

Rising Sun, IN is such a pretty town. Their Festival of Fine Arts & Crafts out to be just lovely this weekend.

There is free opera downtown at the White River State Park on Sunday.

Key Cinemas is tempting us with their "Silents Please" weekend of silent movies. Charlie Chaplin is so funny in Modern Times and City Lights (as well as touching). Nosferatu is excellent and eerie. We have Metropolis on DVD but we might have to see it on the big screen. By the way, Key Cinemas blog says that they are closing their doors on Oct. 5th and "will not re-open until we find a suitable location either downtown or on the northside".

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