Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Scenes from... Beech Grove, IN

Here are some highlights of what we spotted strolling down Beech Grove's Main St. We like the shape of the Huddle Up and the unique signage of of The Print Shop and the broasted chicken advertisement. We were happy to spot several classic cars that seemed right at home in this downtown environment. We got to wondering if Beech Grove plays up the fact that Steve McQueen was born here. We know that he didn't spend much time here but nonetheless, they do have bragging rights that one of cinema's coolest actors was born there. It seems like there would be a Steve McQueen festival with screenings of his movies, a car show, maybe a look-a-like contest. Anyway, the Beall's building also caught our eye. Signs in the window indicate that this former department store will be the "Future Home of the Spotlight Players". More info on this transition here and on the Spotlight Players here.


Sarah said...

Ah, my hometown. I always felt that Main St. had a lot of unrealized potential; makes me sad. The Huddle Up location was a pizza place back in the day.

Hope Baugh said...

Thanks very much for the link to my interview of Jim Lamonte and Jeremy Tuterow from the Spotlight Players.

I write weekly (and sometimes daily) about live theatre in the Indianapolis area on my blog (www.IndyTheatreHabit.com.)

Your blog looks like fun, too! I am adding it to my blog roll.

Thanks, again.