Tuesday, September 9, 2008

WYA! Fashion Week- Marshalls

Also in Nora Plaza, we visited the Marshalls store. When you shop at Marshalls, you have to be in a bit of a "treasure hunt" mood. There are a lot of racks to look through and there might not be a wide selection of sizes for every piece. We tried to pick pieces that they had a fairly good selection of. First up is a dark denim jacket for $24.99 with a purple sweater that is also $24.99 (we loved the hardware on the belt), pants for $14.99, and the stunning shoes that were $39.99.

Next, falling right in with the fall floral trend, is the cream and black jacket for $39.99, a cream colored top for $12.99, basic black pants for $19.99, and, to make it really pop, bright red shoes for $39.99.

The stars at Marshalls on our visit definitely seemed to be their bags and shoes.

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