Monday, September 8, 2008

WYA! Fashion Week- Target

Here are the fashion highlights from our trip to the Nora Target. Once again, Target just hits it out of the park. The season's clothes look great, they are organized and easy to find not to mention easy on the pocketbook. With echoes of what the ladies in Mad Men or Gossip Girl might be wearing is the Isaac Mizrahi plaid dress for $59.99. Shoes this season are good, real good. It's not hard to find a wearable heel height and the pump is back in all of its glorious forms- peep toe, Mary Jane, oxford style, with buttons, buckles, in flannel, patent, and even plaid. This beige pair is $26.99.

Maybe you've noticed the minimalist trend for fall with architectural lines (much like this Jil Sander dress that comes up on her homepage). This Target skirt is a great example of that for $19.99. Embrace the print trend with this easy to wear $24.99 top (but you'll need to wear something underneath it- there are many sheer tops this season meant for layering). The Isaac Mizrahi Black Patent Mary Jane pumps come in at $32.99 and you can absolutely make this ensemble with the $10.48 clutch purse that picks up the color in the blouse.

Lastly, add some elegance to jeans days with this long cardigan (which we saw a variation of at nearly every store that we visited) for only $17.99. We layered it here with a "tissue tee" (lightweight-perfect for layering) for $9.99. The jeans were $22.99, the short boot was $29.99, the belt was $10.48, and the adorable purse was only $11.88.

There was a nice selection of gorgeous scarves that we highlight in the last picture. Most of them were $12.99.

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nora said...

I bought a brown belted Mizrahi dress last week. I'm looking forward to a nice crisp day to wear it.

Love the fashion week idea!