Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WYA! Fashion Week- Kohls

We went to the Kohls in Fashion Mall Commons and found these ensembles.

To recreate a look that we spotted on Gwyneth Paltrow in an InStyle supplement, we chose a faux leather jacket on sale the day we were there for $84, a simple belted gray dress for $58, a tasteful metallic purse that was on sale for $36.40 (it comes with its own tiny umbrella and change purse inside and was originally $52) along with the very popular "bootie" shoe that has been all over the fall collections for $79.99.

We used the jacket in our second look (for $84 you want to get your money's worth) where we matched it with a London design shirt (they had other world cities too) and $29.99 Levi jeans.

We loved the Vera Wang bags. They were marked $79- $89 but it looks like they are 30% off right now.

We didn't find a ton of major bargains at Kohls on this trip but, as you probably know, there are always sales going on there.

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Eliot said...

Kohls is the best store to get latest fashion accessories. I too got a nice outfit from Kohls at very genuine price.