Friday, September 5, 2008

Quick, Cheap and Easy Black Bean Burgers

We received an email request for more of those tasty, simple recipes that Mr. WYA! specializes in so, to honor that request, here is the recipe for Black Bean Burgers that we make and enjoy frequently.

Black Bean Burgers
1 can of black beans (typically 15.25 oz.)
1 large egg
choice of seasonings (see below)
Bread crumbs (we usually have a can of Meijer brand in the pantry)
shredded cheese (optional)

  1. Open a can of black beans, drain some of the liquid. Pour the contents in a bowl, mash with a potato masher (or any other mashing utensil). It doesn't have to be a puree, we prefer it with some bean chunks.

  2. Crack one large egg, mix it in thoroughly.Add any seasoning you like (anything from Italian seasoning, liquid smoke, or Worcestershire sauce). Sprinkle just enough bread crumbs in the bean batter until it seems firm. Work it with your hands until it is mixed.

  3. Form the end product into patties (keep them small, large burgers tend to break when turning them). Spray your pan with your favorite non-stick spray and get it pre-heated to a medium-high heat. Throw a few small burgers in the pan. After a few minutes, take your spatula and turn them. Once you are satisfied with the texture of the outside of the burger, get a sheet of aluminum foil large enough to cover the top of the pan. Get the cheese you like (we typically use sharp cheddar or mozzarella) and top your burger. Take the foil and make a little tent, so the heat stays in (see above picture). After a minute or so, your cheese should be perfectly melted.

The can of black beans will make a lot of batter so you can keep the leftover batter in the fridge to make into patties another night too.

Pair this with sweet potato fries for a healthy burger and fries combo. Sweet potato fries are available at Trader Joe's in the produce section but, if you have some extra time, it's a lot cheaper to do it yourself. Just take a sweet potato, peel it (we use our trusty carrot peeler) use your kitchen knife and cut it into fry shaped pieces. Heat oven to 400 degrees. Drizzle with olive oil and, if you wish, add seasonings (we recommend seasoned salt). Cook these for 20 minutes, then stir them around, cook them for another 10 to 15 minutes and they should be ready.