Monday, July 6, 2009

Scenes from... Valparaiso, Indiana

Years ago, we enjoyed sangria at the Don Quijote restaurant: We like the signage of the Valparaiso Pet and Hobby Shop:

The upstairs of our favorite Valpo store, Lifestyles. Be sure to stop and browse here if you are anywhere in the area. They have a great selection of gifts, home decor, kitchen gadgets, and beautiful things that you didn't know you needed. The cool facade of Bistro 157:
We really can't recommend the Old Style Inn (located in this stretch of Lincolnway) but our group did try a couple of interesting things there. On the appetizer menu, there were deep fried olives (that was a new one on us- they tasted like jalapeno poppers) and Bloody Marys. We should have been tipped off that something was a little out of the ordinary when the Bloody Marys were listed on the appetizer menu instead of the drinks menu. The Bloody Mary came with the standard olives and celery, but the most unique touch was a Slim Jim-esque slender beef stick that was in the glass.

Lincolnway downtown:

We like the Temptations Gifts sign- it looks like they've been in business a long time:


Jim said...

My good old hometown! Valpo is a great example of an Indiana city that has managed to maintain a vibrant downtown area.

By the way, I with you on the Old Style Inn.

A. said...

Yay! You stopped my hometown and I could not be happier! The folks in Valpo have worked tirelessly to keep their downtown vibrant and welcome, and it shows. Thanks for sharing!

PS - I only stop by the Old Style on Popcorn Fest day... :)