Monday, July 27, 2009

Indiana Medical History Museum- Indianapolis, IN

The amphitheater:

A beautiful copper and tile table:

We absolutely love walking into a room with an old timey picture of the room and virtually nothing has changed:

Evidently, the tile counters were hard to clean but they sure look pretty:

The Histology Laboratory:

Finials from the now torn down asylum:

The Medicinal Plant Garden:

We're into industrial and decaying things so we loved the old power plant:

Even if you're not a medical history buff, we highly recommend a visit to the Indiana Medical History Museum on the grounds of the former Central State Hospital. We think that we might have heard about it before but we have to give credit to Baikinange for getting us there this past weekend. Go for the architecture if nothing else. It has been so well preserved and every room from the teaching amphitheatre to the laboratory to the library is just beautiful. It only costs $5 for adults to take a tour (which we found thorough and very interesting) and even less for children, students, and seniors. It is really a beautiful, fascinating place and a unique window into the history of the study of the human body and mind. If you're not into medicine or history, just go and gawk and the gorgeous woodwork. In Indianapolis, with all of the new buildings, it seems like you have to dig a bit to find a place with a sense of history. This place has it and it is worth going out of your way to spend a some time visiting.

(Now that we've been to the Central State site, we might have to buy the DVD that tells about all of its paranormal activity.)


baikinange said...

I'm SO glad you enjoyed your visit! It was great to meet you and have a chance to chat. If you are Flickr members I hope you will consider sharing your photos with the IMHM Flickr group:

WYA! said...

We enjoyed the museum and meeting you very much. Sorry, we aren't Flickr members. We'll see you again sometime for dim sum! :-)

Drake said...

That sounds like a great place to go. I'll have to check the website, but I trust it lists hours and all that. I love finding odd little inetresting museums, like the firemen's museum on Mass Ave.

WYA! said...

Well Drake, we haven't been to that one so now we'll have to check it out.