Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Scenes from... Greencastle, IN

At one corner of the courthouse is an inspiring statue of a Doughboy:

One of the nooks of goodies at Eitel's Flowers. We liked browsing at this shop and we liked it even more when we found out that it has been a fixture in Greencastle for over 100 years!

Greencastle's Carnegie library:

The imposing post office:

An owner of a shop on Courthouse Square apparently has an affinity for putting hats on stuffed tigers- it cracked us up:

Treasures on the Square was our back-up plan in case we couldn't eat at Almost Home but Treasures on the Square isn't open on Saturdays in the summer anyway. Maybe we'll get a chance to try them another time.

Did you know that Greencastle has 1 of only 2 WWII German Buzz Bombs (the forerunner of the Japanese kamikaze) in the U.S.? The other one is in storage at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. This is the kind of obscure point of interest that we stumble upon and enjoy in small towns. (thanks to the Putnam County website for the info)

The Greencastle courthouse:

We liked this old electric box on one of the buildings around courthouse square:

We also liked the RCA signage:


Dave Benson said...

If you make it back to Greencastle ever, you have to check out Marvin's. Every single DePauw grad leaves Greencastle addicted to the GCBs (Garlic Cheeseburgers).

WYA! said...

Garlic cheeseburgers??!! We are there!

Alison Inaz said... went to Greencastle, took pictures, and didn't get any of the beautiful DePauw campus? Bummer!

WYA! said...

We were pressed for time Alison (and already were late for a family reunion) but we'll take a look when we go back to get those garlic cheeseburgers.