Monday, July 13, 2009

Half Moon Restaurant & Brewery- Kokomo, Indiana

Half rack of BBQ ribs:
Cubana sandwich with Brewer's chips:

We were over hungry when we settled into a long booth at Half Moon Restaurant and Brewery so we were beyond grateful that our server immediately brought us a basket of soft rolls. The rolls were good, but what made them really memorable was the soft cinnamon butter that was in the basket along with the regular butter. It was absolutely divine and the cinnamon butter and rolls were soon just a faint memory.

We had to order one of their beers since they are a brewery so we tried the Wildcat Wheat. It was ideal, light and refreshing on a hot and humid day. For lunch, we ordered their Cubana sandwich and a half rack of their BBQ ribs. The Cubana was a classic Cuban sandwich with sliced ham, smoked pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard on a crunchy white bread. It was a really high caliber take on this classic sandwich. The smoky pork was really exceptional. We would have to say this is the best variation of this sandwich that we have ever had.

The ribs came with a choice of two sides. We chose the Caesar salad and baked sweet potato. The Caesar came first; it was a generous bowl of lettuce, croutons and Caesar dressing. The ribs and baked sweet potato arrived soon after. The ribs came with a dry rub. Their sweet, smoky, and spicy sauces were on the table to use at our discretion. We' re normally wet ribs kind of people but this dry rub was so good we would have been happy without the sauces on the table. The ribs were cooked to perfection, moist, and fell off the bone. We tried each of the sauces. They were all excellent, but our favorite was the smoky one. The sweet potato was an appreciated healthy option (although we were cursing ourselves that we didn't save any of that insanely good cinnamon butter for it).

This is quite a gem in Kokomo. We pored over their website to make sure that it isn't a chain and it doesn't seem like it is. We were so glad that we chose Half Moon as our Kokomo dining spot.

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Tom said...

niiiiice - being a big fan of regional craft beer, this place has been on my radar for some time now... I've never managed to get up there, so this sort of puts me over the top - I've just got to make it happen!

good post

Mr or Mrs WYA, if you're ever nearby... I highly recommend Three Floyd's brewpub in Munster. Perhaps my favorite Indiana brewery... and amazing food.

WYA! said...

Thanks Tom- we'll keep that Munster place in mind when we get that way again.