Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scenes from US 40 (Brazil to Terre Haute)

On a recent trip to Terre Haute, we decided to take US 40 instead of I-70 to see if there were any cute cities or signs along the way. The best luck that we had in finding things that we like was in the stretch between Brazil and Terre Haute.

The Clabber Girl billboard greets you as you reach Terre Haute:

We were hoping for more vintage motel signs along US40 but this one in Terre Haute was one of the few that we spotted:

We thought Kleptz restaurant/bar was cute:

Awesome sign in Seelyville:
Lynn's Pharmacy (with a soda fountain!) in Brazil:

We just liked the lettering on this Brazil telephone building:

The Clay County Courthouse:

We liked the atomic looking sculpture outside of The Freeze restaurant/ice cream shop:


Anne said...

Speaking of old fashion soda fountains, have you been to Zaharakos in Columbus, Indiana? They recently reopened in June after a complete restoration.

WYA! said...

We haven't been there but just read something about them. We'll have to make a point of getting there soon. Thanks Anne!

Rebecca said...

I love old fashioned soda fountains! Thanks for the tip about Lynn's. Kurt and I will have to trek over there some afternoon.

Josh pabst said...

Cool Photographs.

WYA! said...

Thanks Josh!

Brian W. said...

Next time you come to Terre Haute, you need to stop by the Swope!

I love your blog, as a fairly recent transplant to Indiana, it gives me LOTS of great ideas for things to see....and more importantly eat.

Love it.

WYA! said...

Thanks Brian- you are right, we do need to check out the Swope.