Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Barking Dog Cafe- Indianapolis, IN

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, New Castle Ale Beer Cheese Soup:

Crab Roll:

Shrimp Roll:

We knew that Barking Dog Cafe made good soup because, as we recall, they were usually one of our favorites at the wonderful Souper Bowl fundraiser that used to be held downtown at City Market (and that we wish they'd start doing again). This, however, was our first visit to their cafe at 49th and Pennsylvania. Their website lists the specials of the day which is appreciated. The big hit of our selections was the soup of the day, a New Castle Ale Beer Cheese Soup. Mr. WYA! declared it to be possibly the best thing he's ever eaten. We wanted to try some of their "Down East" specialties so we got the crab roll and the shrimp roll. At around $14 and $8 respectively, we thought the prices were a bit high. Of the two, we preferred the crab roll (the shrimp one didn't seem to have much flavor). The crab was plentiful but, for the price, we thought that we'd be more wow-ed. The sandwiches come with a choice of chips or a cup of very tasty coleslaw.
We would go back because we know we can count on great soups and we would try their veggie burger and their "thin and crispy on the edges" regular burger. We will be sure to take cash because they don't accept debit/credit cards.
115 E. 49th Street
Indianapolis, IN

(If you'd like an East Coast style clam-bake for a fraction of the airfare, you might want to check out Barking Dog's "Down East" Clam Bake on August 1st. Details are on their website. )

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for the review! It's good to know ahead of time that they don't take credit cards. That's rare these days.

WYA! said...

It might come back in vogue for more places to not accept credit cards. We certainly understand that times are tight and owners might not want to pay fees associated with credit cards.