Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Almost Home Restaurant- Greencastle, IN

Vegetable Panini:

Pork Burger:

Strawberry Pizza:

On a road trip to Terre Haute this weekend, we turned off of US40 and headed to downtown Greencastle to have lunch at Almost Home Restaurant/Tea Room. Evidently, a lot of people make this restaurant their destination because the joint was jumping so much before noon that we had to wait several minutes for anyone to see us and offer to seat us. It was smooth sailing after that though and we enjoyed our lunch very much. The specials board had a vanilla tea on it that we had to try (we love places that have a tea of the day). It was unseasonably chilly but we still enjoyed it iced. For lunch, we ordered the Pork Burger and the Vegetable Panini. They came with chips or fries or you could pay a little extra for fruit which we elected to do with the panini.

The Vegetable Panini was really delicious. It has some cheddar jack cheese on it but not too much so that the roasted red peppers and and pesto mayo really got to shine alongside the mushrooms, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes.

The pork burger comes with lettuce, tomato, and onion. The condiments are served on the side. The burger was moist and tasty. It was nice to see this State Fair favorite in a nice sit down environment. It came with a generous serving of seasoned fries.

We were pretty full after our sandwiches but we knew that Almost Home was renowned for its desserts so we had to order at least one. We went with one of their signature items, the Strawberry Pizza. They even kindly have the recipe for this posted on their website. While it was tasty (strawberries, cream cheese, and crust- how could it not be?), it reminded us of a dessert that a friend made for us years ago that was similar but had crushed pretzels as the crust (much like this recipe from cooks.com). The saltiness of the pretzels really complimented the sweetness. However, if you've never had that dish and don't have that flavor memory to compare it with, Almost Home's version is completely satisfying.

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Rebecca said...

I love Almost Home! I discovered it last year when I was looking for a place to take Kurt on his birthday. It has since become one of my favorite restaurants in Indiana. The ambiance is great, and everything we've tried has been good. Definitely worth the drive up from 70!