Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Here's another great idea for picnics. The August issue of Food & Wine magazine has a blurb about a product to help you keep ice cream cold on your way to a picnic or party. Zak designs has their Ice Cream Tubbie in a variety of cheery colors and a whole pint of ice cream can fit inside it in case you have to make a lengthy trek to a store for your favorite ice cream and don't want it to be soup by the time you get home. You can also just put some scoops of ice cream in it instead of a whole pint sized container. Food & Wine said that the Tubbie kept the contents from melting for up to 90 minutes. We think that this would be perfect on a hot day when you're enjoying lawn seats at an Indianapolis Indians game.


Tom said...

hmmmm this is quite tempting

would also be great to take up to symphony on the prairie

WYA! said...

Good idea! There are so many nice outdoor events in our area.