Monday, March 2, 2009

We thought that maybe Steak n Shake was founded here but we see from their website that it was founded in Illinois. Its corporate headquarters is here though so we were glad to hear them get a shout out from the man who literally wrote the book on hamburgers. Josh Ozersky is the author of The Hamburger: A History and, on WOR's Food Talk show, he said that Steak n Shake makes his favorite hamburger of the fast food restaurant ilk. You can listen to the discussion in hour 2 of the March 1st show that streams on their website.


Harl Delos said...

Steak & Shake makes a nice hamburger, but I'd have to give Five Guys the nod, as far as chains go. I'm not sure they're out in Indiana yet.

I read about them on Bill Marriott's blog; he said last year that they are his wife's favorite burger chain, and they opened two stores here in Lancaster within days after that.

The fault I find with S&S burgers is that the meat tapers down to a really thin edge which gets cooked to a flinder.

Steak & Shake sure has a clear lead when it comes to frozen fruity beverages, though, and they have the best 3-ways of any chain not based in Cincinnati.

WYA! said...

We do have a Five Guys...and we LOVE IT!!!

Again..we totally agree