Friday, March 27, 2009

Maysa Matarazzo

How cool is it that we emailed a question to The New York Times music critic and we got a prompt, personal response from him? We are very grateful to Ben Ratliff for that and for introducing us to Maysa Matarazzo, a Brazilian singer from the 60s that we had managed to get this far into our lives without hearing about before. We read this article in Time Out New York back in November and then wanted to pick up Maysa's Barquinho CD. Her CDs aren't easy to find in stock online so we emailed Mr. Ratliff and he kindly suggested a Chicago record store, Dusty Groove America. Barquinho was out of stock then but we made an online account on the website asking for an email notification when it was back in stock. This week, we got an email that it was available so we excitedly ordered it. We're going to keep Dusty Groove bookmarked because it looks like they have a lot of fascinating music (we just wish that they had sound clips available). Yesterday, our CD arrived and it is so lovely. We don't have a spring break vacation coming up but the music transported us to this cruise on the cover.

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