Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ahh fellow Midwesterners, how long have we been waiting for these 60 degree temperatures and to see the flowers popping up? We'd say that it's been worth the wait but we don't quite believe that.


mheidelberger said...

I love bulb flowers, and the time of year that they bloom is probably my favorite time of year. The plant to the right, I can say with a pretty good sense of certainty, is a daffodil. The only to the left, a tulip, or maybe an iris?

WYA! said...

Wow, you are good. That is a daffodil. We also have hyacinths and tulips in that bed so we'll have to wait to see on the other one- we always forget what we planted where.

nora said...

I was thrilled to see my crocuses pop up. I added a bunch of dirt around the house last fall as part Project Dry Basement. The little flowers chugged through that extra layer of dirt to bloom.