Monday, March 16, 2009

Stanley's New York Deli- Indianapolis, IN

The deli counter
The interior has several TVs and New York themed art.

Delicious chicken broth with noodles, a matzo ball, and carrots.


The Bronx Bomber

Mmmmmmmmmmm, noodle kugel.

Located at 86th & Ditch (the side with the strip mall that has Starbucks and Cinema Grill) Stanley's is a little slice of New York City in the Circle City. We love visiting Manhattan so we were anxious to check out this deli. We ordered a lot of food because we wanted to try a wide variety of the interesting and authentic dishes that they offer.

First, we tried the soup. The homemade chicken broth comes with several options of things you can have in it; we went with the "mish/mash" version so we could try the noodles and the matzo ball. The broth was exceptional (it definitely tasted homemade) and perfectly complimented the huge matzo ball, noodles, and carrots. We tried the potato knish because we have had the distinct pleasure of having a knish at Yonah Schimmel's knish bakery on New York's Lower east side. The version at Stanley's seemed to be fried instead of baked like Yonah's but it was quite yummy (as fried things tend to be). We ordered the Bronx Bomber which was some high quality pastrami and corned beef with Muenster cheese on rye bread. The menu states that they use Sy Ginsberg corn beef and pastrami which has no phosphates or fillers. We just know that it practically melted in our mouths. It also all wouldn't fit into our mouths so half of it came home with us. If you think $9.99 is pricey for a sandwich, understand that, if you are like us, you are going to get a couple of meals out of it. We stayed in to eat but you can always ask for a to go container if you can't finish everything. Lastly, we had the noodle kugel- this was a really happy discovery. We've heard of it but never had the pleasure of eating it before. It was all kinds of good. It's sweet, very rich, and for when you feel indulgent. We didn't know what to think of a sugary noodles dish with cream cheese but we really, really recommend it. There was a crunchy topping on it that was just divine. Again, the portion is huge so you very well might just have this or take some of it home with you.

That was already too much food so we didn't get to try any of the many other intriguing sounding things on their menu like the egg cream, matzo brie, or latkes. It is worth noting that they have a Monte Cristo for all of the fans of that sandwich in the Indianapolis area. Their menu states that it is a "New York MUST" which is so true for Mrs. WYA! because, while it's not the healthy type of food she eats at home, she always has one when she's in New York City (usually at the Washington Square Diner).

We enjoyed Stanley's very much. The food was great and the staff was really friendly and did a great job with service even with the challenge of it being their Grand Opening weekend and being pretty busy. We hope that they enjoy great success bringing a little of the Big Apple here.

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for the review! I'll have to go check out the latkes.

mheidelberger said...

Looks good, and definitely doesn't look like you will leave hungry.

Anonymous said...

Quality of meats are great, but frankly the place just doesn't have the abundance of choices that most deli's have. Breads are weak, too thin,and potato chips are not a NYDeli standard...

David said...

I just had the New York which I found to be okay. The sandwich did have a fair amount of meat but I had trouble biting through without dragging the meat out of the sandwich. I agree with Anonymous about the chips not being up to standard. I will still try them another time incase they were just having a bad day.

Jim said...

People complaining about the chips must have caught them on a bad day. They are homemade and delicious. We really enjoyed the food at Stanley's. Had the kugel, a grilled cheese sandwich, and the rugelach for dessert. All were top notch.