Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Ethiopian Restaurant- Fort Wayne, IN

We're not being vague about what this restaurant is called- The Ethiopian Restaurant is actually the name of the place. Fort Wayne residents are very lucky to have this ethnicity in their restaurant scene and we hope that they are patronizing it. Located in a strip mall at State Street and Beacon, it's in a cozy space and our server was very warm and welcoming. She'll put to ease any first timers and even make more American accommodations such as providing fork or separate plates if you request them (as veteran Ethiopian restaurant patrons know, food is generally eaten with injera bread and off of a big community platter). We opted for the vegetarian combo and were very pleased. The red lentils were delicious as was the cabbage and corn. The dishes may sound simple but once all of the amazing spices are added, vegetables you've eaten all of your life become really special. It was a lovely experience and we hope that Summit City residents give it a try.

You might want to call to verify their hours before you go. We had read The Journal Gazette's review that stated the restaurant was open on Sunday but, when we called to verify, we found out that they were not. They opened at 11:30 AM on the Saturday that we went there.

The Ethiopian Restaurant
2805 E. State Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN

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WYA! said...

Bummer for Fort Wayne residents- we hear that this has closed.

Anonymous said...

There was a sing saying it was going to open again. Who knows? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

I talked with the owners and they said that someone was going to try to reopen it, but it didn't pan out so it is closed indefinately. A real loss for Fort was the most amazing food!