Monday, March 2, 2009

For selfish reasons, we like it when parents take their children to ethnic restaurants because, hopefully, the young diners will like the food and patronize the places when they older thus keeping the restaurants in business for us to enjoy. So, we were dismayed when esteemed blog reader Tom B. emailed us yesterday and said that his family was turned away from Cairo Cafe because of the new smoking ban that just went into affect. Evidently, since Cairo Cafe allows hookah smoking, no one under 18 is allowed there anymore. That is such a pity.


braingirl said...

I don't believe the under-18 restriction is a result of any *new* smoking ban. That's the law -- Adobo Grill just went through this downtown (they changed their policy to disallow smoking). Children under 18 aren't allowed in any restaurant that allows smoking -- hookah or not.

nora said...

Ugggh. Just another example of how goofy the smoking law is (I can't bring myself to call it a nonsmoking law). It has forced restaurants to make some tough decisions.
I'm a nonsmoker. I work in a tavern. I cover music, so I'm sucking in second-hand smoke at least three nights a week, maybe more. I applaud the venues that have gone nonsmoking, but I understand why the others have not. Its a tough economic decision and the playing field will not be leveled until its nonsmoking everywhere.
[stepping off of soapbox]
What the current law has done is make the smoking places smokier. People go there to smoke.
Some good news- The Thursday Big Roots Shows at Locals Only are all nonsmoking and The Vogue just had their first national nonsmoking show (they've had others at the request of the artists - this was the first one that The Vogue decided).