Thursday, March 12, 2009

Indy Flashback...Apollo Theatre

Did you know that Indy used to have an Apollo Theatre? We started looking through our Indianapolis history resources after MHeidelberger left a comment on our Fort Wayne Starbucks post lamenting the lack of an art deco high rise in Indy. We found out from Cinema Treasures that the theatre was on Illinois Street. Oh we would have loved to have watched some Marx Brothers movies here.

photo from Indianapolis A Pictorial History by Edward A. Leary


mheidelberger said...

Many of those people in that line to see that Jolson film could very well be seeing their very first talkie.

WYA! said...

Exactly! The Circle Theater had the distinction of introducing Jolson's "The Jazz Singer" but the Apollo was the first theater in the city to be wired permanently for sound. This picture is from 1928.