Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Linnea's Lights

The matchbook inside the container's lid is a really charming touch.

We bought ours here at Oliver's Twist.

We completely trust Heartstrings owner Jeannie's good taste so, when she told us that there was a wonderful candle made here in Indiana, we knew we would have to pick it up. We went to Linnea's Lights website and inquired as to where the candles are sold in the Indy area. We very promptly got an email response that listed Emmetts's The Studio in the Meridian Kessler area, and Curiosities, Oliver's Twist, and Gift to Go by Basket Case all in Carmel. We're a little intimidated by uber chic salons and really hip boutiques so we headed to Oliver's Twist to pick up our candle. It's a cute little shop on Rangeline Road that specializes in pretty invitations and paper products. We spotted the assorted sizes of candles, sniffed them all, and chose Yuzu. It's described on the website as being "luscious Japanese grapefruit, exotic fruits and watery greens". To our noses, it smells like a fabulous frozen drink with an umbrella in it that we would indulge in if we were beach side somewhere. It is a perfect scent to keep in mind for the upcoming warm weather months when you are on the patio or in the sun room as dusk falls. We love not only that they are made in Indiana but that they are soy and have lead-free cotton candle wicks. We also thought that the little box of matches inside of the package's lid was an especially charming touch. We handed over our $19.99 (+ tax) happy to discover a lovely candle company and to support an entrepreneurial Hoosier.

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Dreamy Mom said...

YAY! Linnea's Lights candles are so fabulous. We feel lucky to have them in our West Coast store - Thanks Indiana!!!