Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shopping at Global Gifts

We continue to stretch out the fun of spending our holiday gift cards. We went to the Global Gifts in the shopping center at 86th & Ditch and took our time browsing through all of the exotic goodies to spend our $25 gift card. Pictured here are some of their lovely scarves and bags. We finally decided on a gorgeous beaded incense burner (which is so pretty we almost don't want to get ashes on it), some nag champa incense, and a Putumayo CD- The Caribbean. Readers of our blog know we love the Putumayo CDs and, even though we hadn't listened to any clips of the songs on this particular CD, we figured we would like it (and, after listening to it, we really do). What a great store for unique browsing and feel-good shopping.

Check out their My Space page for locations, phone numbers, and hours.

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