Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sandra Rice and Noodles

It took us too long to get here. It just seemed like a big cliche. The strip mall Asian restaurant with the $4.95 lunch special. We all recall the greasy noodles and questionable meats, but Sandra is the anti-cliche. The decor is clean and modern, and the service was immediate. This is a very welcoming environment. It was a cool sanctuary from the bustle of Pendleton Pike on a hot day. We selected the Shrimp Pad Thai from the ten choices of lunch specials. It comes with a cup of their steamed rice soup and a chicken spring roll. We ordered the appetizer shrimp spring rolls to try too. The soup was nothing short of amazing, the only regret is that we didn't get a quart of this concoction to take home. The Thai Basil provided this incredible fresh flavor, and the rice and chicken made it very satisfying. Likewise, the spring roll was very fresh and tasty. Sweet and sour dipping sauce is provided, but you really should avoid it and just embrace the flavors. The Pad Thai was executed well. The rice noodles were cooked perfectly, and the seasonings left a little heat in our mouths. We would get this again, but the rest of the menu looks so appealing that we might have to try something else. Next time, we might skip the lunch special and get the Vietnamese dishes (which is their specialty). It is amazing food at an amazing price. Why would you want to give your $4.95 to a drive thru window when you can get a nutritious, complete meal at Sandra? (check out their menu by clicking the images)

Sandra Rice and Noodles

10625 Pendleton Pike

Indpls, IN 46236

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Phil Lavoie said...

I love me some Sandra Rice and Noodles. We go all the time.

Jodi said...

This place is an absolute JOY! When I visited my friends in Indianapolis last summer, one of them took me to lunch here, and I was hooked from the moment I met the lovely woman who runs the place. And the food! Oh! I'm vegetarian, and I was worried that the food wouldn't be up to par (hey, I'm from NYC, and we're kinda snobby about this stuff, I must admit), but OHH! I was enchanted!

My boyfriend and I visited a few weeks ago, and we went with both of my friends for dinner, along with three other friends, and we had a veritable feast, 100% vegetarian. I could've eaten all night, non-stop, the food was THAT good.

I wish we had this place in NYC! I'd be there at least once a week.

WYA! said...

Thanks for visiting the blog Jodi and so glad you like Sandra Rice and Noodles. We're so proud to have a place that a New Yorker covets (because you have SO many places that we covet).