Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Middle Eastern Festival time! It's Middle Eastern Festival time!

Don't forget the Middle Eastern Festival this weekend. There is no excuse to miss it because it is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so surely you can make it there one of the days. It is held at the St. George Orthodox Christian Church and, since there is a sketch of their "planned new church in Fishers" on their website, we fear that future festivals might not be held at this gorgeous church. It is really beautiful inside with stained glass and a gothic altar. They encourage you to tour it even though the festival mostly takes place outside and in a big auxillary room inside. We don't know anyone at this church but they are always so warm and friendly to us. The food is, of course, delicious. If you are a carnivore, there's lamb, beef gyros, baked kibbee, shawarma, and meat pies. If not, there's spanakopita, falafel, spinach pie and much more. So, you load up on all of that outside (maybe hear some good music and see some dancing), and then head inside to the huge array of desserts (they have that amazing sesame fudge that we learned about in New York- halawa!). The perfect accompaniment to the sweets is the super strong, slightly sweetened, coffee. It is so strong and so good. Then, you can check out the bazaar that is in the same room and the church store for CDs and some very cool iconic art. Do not miss this festival. We will post scenes from it on Monday and we want the pictures to bring back great memories of the event for you- not make you sorry that you weren't there.


Kevin said...

We'll be there with some friends tonight.

Kirsten said...

Thank you so very much for this reminder. Seriously.

Too many Greek-fest suckers (of which I am one) don't know about this awesome festival. More food for us, right?

WYA! said...

Yay! You 2 have good taste so we figured that you'd be there.