Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Hair Days in Fort Wayne

We're not into pretentiousness. So, when we go to a hair salon, we don't need champagne, we don't need multiple people for shampooing, cutting, coloring and styling; we just want someone to do a quality job without charging the equivalent of a mortgage payment. That is exactly what Lori Wolff at Hairspray in Fort Wayne, IN does. She's in the funky orange building in the heart of downtown (just down a little bit from the Carole Lombard house). She gives great haircuts and is a genius colorist. If you talk to her about what you want, she'll listen and then weigh in with her professional opinion about the best way to achieve your results without damaging your hair. Men's haircuts are $20, women's haircuts are $30, solid color starts at $65, highlights start at $75, and it is $10 for each additional color. To get a more exact quote, and to find out what she can do for your hair, schedule a free consultation with her. When you call, she'll probably be the one who answers the phone; which is another reason that we love this down to earth salon that gives you the look of high-end tresses.
Hairspray 260.420.3404

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