Monday, July 14, 2008

The Milky Way in Lebanon, IN

Oh, we really liked The Milky Way. We can be suckers for atmosphere and this place has it. They had us at the little tile floor at the entrance. Once inside, we marveled at how lost in time it seemed to be. There's a great picture of the place in the 1950s on the wall but there's a bit of 70s mixed in the vibe too. Check out the picture of the fried chicken- that screams 70s to us and they had several of them around along with more retro looking pictures (but retro in that really-been-here-for-forever kind of way; not in the forced trying-to-look-like-we've-been-here-forever kind of way). We went with the brownie sundae which, obviously, was wonderful. It's vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, a brownie, whipped cream and nuts with a cherry on top- what could be better? We don't know how often they offer it, but there were signs that cake batter was the ice cream flavor of the week which sounds quite intriguing. They have a drive-thru or you can walk in and enjoy your treat there. We also want to give credit to the teenagers working there. Kudos to teens working summer jobs and sacrificing precious summer days of their youth. They're friendly and sweet and we just love them for it.

836 Indianapolis Ave. Lebanon, IN

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