Monday, March 10, 2008

We heart Redbox!

Does it get any better for the frugal movie lover than Redbox? These are those red movie rental vending type machines that you may have seen at Marsh or McDonald's in the Indianapolis area. They are all over the country and you just type in your zip code on their website to see where they are set up in your area. Sure, the selection is limited but what a great way to catch mainstream new releases (sometimes you can even catch a more artsy film as we recently did with Paris, Je T'aime). Swipe your credit card and they will email you confirmation and, when you return it, they will email you again with your total charge. If you get it returned by 9PM the next night, it is $1. If you need to keep it another night, it is just another $1. You can return it to any Redbox so, rent it in Indy to watch on a flight and return it in Atlanta, GA. You can type in your zip code to see what titles the closest machines to you carry as they vary slightly from machine to machine. We checked for Into the Wild this weekend and found out that it was at our usual machine but it was out when we got there. We now know if you have a specific title that you really want, you can guarantee that it is waiting at the Box for you by initiating an online rental on their website. Wow! Also, newbies can go to their site, type in their email address and get a promotional code for a free movie. How exactly is Blockbuster still in business?

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