Sunday, March 9, 2008

Thai Taste- Castleton

I had just finished shopping at Trader Joes and was ready to get some Indian carryout for our dinner and a movie night. Taj of India is one of my faves for that, but much to my dismay, my timing was off...way off. It was a mere 4:15, and my old friend Taj doesn't open until 5pm. What to do? Wait in Castleton while my Trader Joes perishables go bad? Nope, I stepped into Thai Taste. (5353 E.82nd Street, in the Trader Joes strip mall area).

I had not been there before, so I wasn't feeling risky, so I ordered Shrimp Pad Thai (#50 on the menu) and a chicken dish, the name escapes me, but it was #54 or #55 on the menu. The tab came to a little over $20.

I got the styrofoam containers home and opened them, the pad thai smell was overwhelming (in a good way). The pad thai was spot on, with just the right amount of shrimp, the tasty rice noodles covered in the nutty sauce did not disappoint. The chicken dish was tasty and peppery, with plenty of broccoli, woodears and water chestnuts. I swear, the noodle in that dish was plain old ramen noodles, but if I could make them that good, I would open a restaurant too.

Much to my delight, our to go bag had all the things necessary- plastic utensils, paper napkins and 2 perfect almond cookies. The cookies were a complete surprise and a perfect finish for the meal.

The servings were generous, so lunch the next day was taken care of.

If you can't get Indian food on a cold winter day, Thai is a pretty good substitute.

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Tom B said...

I love Thai Taste and I’m glad you discovered it. The owners used to be a part of Bangkok CafĂ©, for many years a staple on North Keystone Ave, before it closed many years ago.

The lunch specials at Thai Taste are generous: you get an entre, soup, spring roll, and cake for desert, and all are in the $6.95 range. Their Pud Ped lunch item is simply to die for. Service is always efficient.

On Thursday evenings they offer a buffet, though I’ve never been there for that. Like you, I’ve gotten dinner take-out there a few times, and the order is always correct, with all of the accompaniments and with generous portions. Here’s what I do: I go in and order my to-go food, then do some quick shopping at Trader Joes, then pick up the food 20 minutes later.

WYA! said...

Wow- a Thai buffet. Thank you so much for letting us know. We are there!