Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Enjoy the Fashion Mall buffet (but buy some cheaper tea)

You might already be aware that you can generally nosh your way through the Fashion Mall at Keystone at the Crossing. There is always a dip for sampling at The Cheese Shop, there are frequently samples at Williams Sonoma (if nothing else they have their bread cubes and oils). However, you might have missed the amazing tea at Aveda (because why would you check Aveda for a beverage??). We were treated to a sample on a recent trip there and not only was it delicious but we both swore that we felt very mellow after consuming it. They do say, after all, that it is calming to the senses and promotes a sense of well-being. We decided we needed to buy some despite the exorbitant price (a box of 20 teabags is $14, $24 for a bottle of loose leaf). http://www.aveda.com/

Not too long after discovering it, we also purchased a box of Yogi Tea's Mexican Sweet Chili and we found it to taste pretty similar to the Aveda tea. It doesn't have the peppermint but it does have the tasty licorice root and, ringing up at under $5, we feel like it doesn't have to be a special occasion to drink it. http://www.yogitea.com/


susan said...

You can buy peppermint by the ounce at Good Earth and add it to your tea.

Anonymous said...

I picked up some Yogi tea last night and LOVE it. Thanks, Dawn in Fort Wayne