Tuesday, March 11, 2008

St. Baldrick

Racking your brain trying to remember this Saint? Let's see, is this the one that I am supposed to bury a statue of in my front yard to get my house to sell? Is it the patron saint of lost causes that Sean Connery believed in during The Untouchables? No, it is a made up saint for a good cause. This is a foundation that has created the world's largest volunteer driven fundraising event for childhood cancer research. http://www.stbaldricks.org/ As St. Patty's Day nears, so does the time that "shavees" will shave their heads to raise money and show support for kids battling cancer. Do you have to bid adieu to your hair to help? Not at all. You can help not only by being a shavee, but also by being a barber, organizing an event, volunteering, or donating. These events are happening all over the country so check out the website and see what is near you. Most are around St. Patrick's Day but dates vary. Locally, we have events at the 96th St. Claddaugh (c'mon, you don't need an excuse to go there, do you?) and Pat Flynn's at 5198 Allisonville Rd. among others. You can even check out pictures of some of the brave souls who are going to get their heads shaved and how much they have raised so far. So, this year, maybe go watch and donate and, next year, maybe shave it all off yourself.

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