Saturday, March 15, 2008

If you find yourself hungry in the Ft. Wayne area

A good vege burger is hard to find so, whenever we find ourselves up north, we try to make it to what we still call Munchie's but is also now known as the Mad Anthony Brewing Company at Broadway and Taylor St. in Fort Wayne, IN The menu is expansive and the atmosphere is casual and originial. They were putting interesting things on their walls way before chain restaurants thought of it. It's also fun to check out the ceiling where, back in the day, drinking 12 Heinekens brought you the immortality of having your name painted on it. Their menu has a lot to offer but, we have a hard time ordering anything other than the black and bleu vege burger when we are there. With the treacherous driving weather hopefully behind us now, take a day trip there. Then, you can walk it off at nearby Foster Park.

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