Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bakehouse in Broad Ripple

In our excitement over the nearness of spring, we often find ourselves walking the trek from Nora to Broad Ripple via the Monon Trail. Since the walk is not a short one, sustenance is, of course, a part of the walk ritual. The Scholars Inn Bakehouse faithfully and dependably provides that. The Bakehouse is a warm, comfy place that invites crowds to gather and chat over food, or, if you are alone, they have flat screen TVs so you can watch the news (or pretend to, and people watch).
This past weekend, we punctuated our walk with a Bakehouse visit, and saw new additions to the beloved sandwich family. We ordered the Sweet Bay Ham sandwich. Since the sandwiches can be kind of large, we ordered the 1/2 sandwich. Chips or pretzels come as a side. The Sweet Bay is special indeed. It is served on rosemary olive bread (which is a treat all by itself) and has layers of ham, provolone cheese, greens, Sweet Bay mustard and slices of tart green apple. The tangy apple provided the perfect little crunch for the sandwich. The 1/2 sandwich and chips are filling enough, and if you still have a hollow spot, the Bakehouse dessert counter is the perfect place to fill it. Their coffee/tea/soda area is self serve, so be sure to rehydrate before you hit the trail for the walk home.
Also, their website has greatly improved since the last time we visited it, which has probably been awhile. Their menu is now online in case you are trying to avoid that "deer caught in the headlights" look when you walk in and are overcome by the huge menu posted behind the counter.

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